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I spotted the first few potato blossoms this week, but I didn’t get a good photo of them. A field of potato plants in bloom is a pretty sight. We only have four rows, two of which are still babies, but the earlier rows are very nice to look at, being quite lush and green at the moment.

A farm member recently confessed to me her ignorance about how potatoes grow, so for those of you who don’t know, potato plants do flower, and they’ll form little berries later on. They can reproduce that way, but to grow potatoes you plant a piece of a potato in the soil. The potato is the tuber of the plant, which is something like a cross between a stem and a root. It grows underground, and to harvest potatoes you stick a potato fork in the ground under the plant and lift. The potatoes dangle from the plant and you shake them loose and pick them up. Yields vary, but you can get 6-8 potatoes from one plant.

Other flowering beauties right now at Stone’s Throw Farm include eggplant and squash. The squash plants have male and female flowers, so they rely on insects for pollination. That’s one reason I’ve been letting the red clover and wildflowers go on the farm — to attract bees.  Eggplant are like tomatoes in that each flower has both the male and female parts. They just need a breeze to shake the plants and achieve pollination.

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