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Yesterday I saw two little snakes at the farm. One was in a pile of scrap wood and one was on my compost pile, which is mostly leaves from last fall. I know the one on the compost pile was a redbelly snake. The other one might have been a redbelly, too, and I just didn’t see its underside.

Other things seen around the farm:

Our new (old) metal toolshed, purchased from Mary on craigslist and reassembled at the farm on Saturday. 

 The first tomato blossoms, on a cherry tomato plant.

The early cauliflower and cabbage, looking pretty happy in the field. I was so disgusted that we didn’t get any rain yesterday that finally I decided to do some hoeing, so I briefly peeled back the row cover.

A nice crop of dandelions.

The potatoes and carrots are in the ground, so I hope Wrenshall township got the same rain last night that I see puddled outside my window in Duluth!

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