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I accidentally pulled this onion seedling out with a weed the other day. Actually, I think it’s a leek seedling. I stuck it back in the soil, hoping it will reestablish itself, but first I stopped to marvel at the root it had developed. Plants are pretty amazing, eh?

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The onions and leeks are reaching for the sky. They’d much prefer sunlight, but they’re making do with fluorescent for now. I’m running a gentle fan on them for a while today to help make the plants stronger.

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No tears … yet

The onion seedlings look a little better each day. This flat of Cortland and Olympic looks the best . . . but I wish I had seeded them a little thicker. Live and learn!

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Well, the onions don’t seem to be popping up very quickly or thickly, but maybe it’s too soon to give up on them. Some brave little plants are coming up . . . and worst-case scenario, I can seed some more.

The conference was pretty good. Though they all had their good points, my favorite sessions were the Saturday morning ones (more on that later). The conference closed with a dinner for Farm Beginnings students past, present, and future. I left the dinner feeling grateful once again for all the people who have helped me get to this point, and with a renewed resolve to pay it forward somehow.

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