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Easter Eggs

Today was the first Stone’s Throw Farm share delivery day and Summer Solstice. The share boxes weren’t too full today, but at least our farm members got a little something green. It started raining about noon, but my harvest helper, Tristan, didn’t complain a bit. I think I’ll keep her. I wanted to get photos of Tristan washing the Easter Egg radishes, which were very colorful, but I also wanted to get the shares delivered close to on time, so I skipped the photo shoot.

Speaking of Easter eggs, I barely had time today to say hi to the pigs and note that they were indeed eating and drinking and had a dry place to sleep, but on Saturday Elden and I gave them their giant plastic Easter eggs for fun. They try to bite them and can’t, so end up chasing them around the pen. I wish I was so easily amused.

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