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Cute PiggyThe pigs are here! I’ve posted some videos below, so you can “meet” them, too.

Unfortunately I was not able to set up a pig pen before my parents arrived with the pigs, because the ground is so soggy. The place where the pen will be is dry enough, but getting to it with the tractor is a little tricky. Anyway, the pigs are doing just fine in the trailer for now, which we parked at the end of the driveway where it’s protected from the wind. My dad set up a more enclosed area in the front of the trailer and hooked up a couple of heat bulbs for their nighttime comfort, since it’s been near 32 degrees the last few nights. Their food and water is in the rear of the trailer, and my dad cut an opening in the plywood that divides the two areas so the pigs can go through.

The piggies are a little smaller than we usually have them at this point — I think they’re in the 25 pound range — but that’s fine with me as they’re very cute at this stage!

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I expected to be spreading compost in the fields right about now, not shoveling snow, but there’s no way around it — no matter what the calendar says, it’s still winter here. This weather will shorten our already short growing season and condense our ordinarily rushed spring schedule into what I can only imagine will be a frenzy of field prepping, seeding and transplanting when we finally can work the soil. (Right now, I’d just like to be able to SEE the soil.) I’m already anticipating a delay in our first share delivery in June, but Stone’s Throw Farm members will still get a full season of produce. I’m hoping the seedlings in the greenhouse will see some much-needed sun today, and the snow will end eventually!


Look at these big piggies! And notice that there’s NOT a foot of snow on the ground where they are . . . sigh.

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My nephew, Graham, likes pigs!

I’ve received a few calls recently from people asking if we still have Stone’s Throw Farm CSA shares, so I wanted to assure our website visitors that we do still have a few available. As soon as the last share is reserved, I’ll update the website here and here.Thursday pick-up is pretty much full, but we have room on Mondays at all those pick-up locations.


My nephews Franklin and Graham visited the piglets (and their grandparents) in Iowa this week.

In other words, if you’re looking for a 2013 CSA share, go ahead and send that form and check! In the worst case scenario, I would notify you that we were already sold out and return your check.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about the shares, of course. Or, just check out the latest pig pics!

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALook at how the piglets have grown! My mom made a new video of them for us while the sow was outside eating and getting some exercise.

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(Not) hamming it up

My parents made some short videos of the new piglets for me, and for all of you. The piglets were a little confused about what they were being asked to do — apparently not all pigs are hams! Being piglets, they don’t need to do much more than stand around to be cute, though.

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???????????????????????????????My dad called yesterday evening to tell me that there are six brand-new piglets in this world that will eventually find a home at Stone’s Throw Farm! It’s not as many as we’d hoped from this litter, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. They’re cute as can be, based on a couple photos my mom sent of the piglets napping under their heat lamp.

The piglets will have a good life — they’ll eat nutritious food (with no antibiotics added) and enjoy a low-stress environment outdoors with each other for company and plenty of shelter, fresh water to drink, and things to do (i.e., rooting in the soil, of course).

There’s no such thing as health insurance for pigs, but if there was, these pigs would surely get credit for their healthy lifestyle. You get credit for going to the gym, right? Now, you could also get credit for being a member of a CSA farm.

Stone’s Throw Farm has been approved for a new Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association program called the CSA Wellness Initiative, and HealthShare is the first company to participate in our area. It’s an exciting new development spearheaded by Jamie Harvey of ISF, and I hope you’ll check out HealthShare and/or encourage your own health insurance company to join in.

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Ten pigs arrived at Stone’s Throw Farm on Sunday night after a long, cold journey. They immediately went about exploring the whole pen and seemed to approve. Their pen is west of our vegetable fields this year on a rectangle of sod that they’ll “plow” for us and fertilize to help prepare it for use as a veggie plot next season. In the meantime, the piggies are pretty entertaining and we’ll have pastured pork for sale this fall.

Though warm by our standards, it was a chilly night compared to what the pigs were used to, but the next morning found them snug in one of the straw-filled huts — they had all piled into one hut, of course.

The farm is hopping now with the addition of my parents, Craig & Jean, and increased presence of myself and my friend, farmer Heather-Marie of Rising Phoenix Community Farm. In the last week, seeds have been sown and plants transplanted into the field, so let the sun shine!

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If you’re interested at all in expanding the availability of locally-raised meat and poultry in northern Minnesota, please take a few minutes to complete this survey from the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture and statewide Sustainable Farming Association. Those who complete the survey will be entered in a drawing for 3 copies of the Minnesota Homegrown Cookbook and two Sustainable Farming Association caps.

Speaking of locally-raised meats, last week my dad came up for a few days and helped me seed some oats and peas for our pigs to graze on later this season and set up the pig pen that we’ll put them in when they arrive, possibly later this month. We also hauled compost from our neighbors’ cattle farm (Randy & Kathi Wolf) and spread it on the fields where our early crops will be, then disked it in.

Until the pigs are relocated, my mom has been staying home to take care of them when my dad comes up to help and she took these videos last week; I just haven’t gotten around to posting them until now. The piglets were weaned this weekend and are doing well, my parents reported. They’re probably much bigger already than they were when these videos were taken. My parents said the pigs want to be outside all the time, so they’ll probably be very happy on pasture at Stone’s Throw Farm . . . assuming these freezing nights end soon!

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Stone’s Throw Farm is now sold out of 2012 veggie CSA shares. To join our mailing list and be notified when 2013 shares go on sale to new members, please contact me with your full contact information. Thank you.

In the meantime, enjoy two new videos of our piglets!

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My mom sent an update on the new piglets, which my parents are taking care of in Iowa for now. They’ll be transplanted up to Stone’s Throw Farm a little later in the spring. The piglets look really roly-poly now! Here are a couple photos of the sleeping piglets and my favorite video — enjoy.


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