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The Rodale Institute has a new campaign, “Demand Organic,” that includes a great Q&A section called “All About Organic.” Among other questions, it covers “Why does organic cost more?” and “What’s better, organic or local?”  In case you’re wondering, Stone’s Throw Farm veggies will be raised using organic methods, though not certified organic — at least not this year. Organic certification is a topic that deserves its own post … some other day!

Not to sound like a Rodale commercial, but they also have a pretty good article on how to eat organic on a budget. My only beef with it is that not a lot of people on a tight budget have a chest freezer (or even room for a chest freezer, if they’re apartment dwellers), and if you’re trying to freeze enough fruits and veggies (when they’re in season) to last the winter, you need quite a bit of space, depending on household size. But every little bit counts, so it’s a good idea to freeze what you can. And you can always put a little chest freezer in the dining room and cover it with a tablecloth, right, Mom?

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