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HoophouseTraysTomatoPepperPotsOur vegetable starts are doing fine in the hoophouses, but they’d be doing much, much better if we had a string of sunny days in a row. Normally when my mom and I have potted up tomatoes, broccoli, or so forth, we’ve marveled at how fast the plants take off. Not so much this year. (My parents haven’t even moved up here yet due to the weather.)

CloverDrainageFurrowOur fields are still too wet to till — flat land is not advantageous in this situation — so I’m hoping that after the rain we’ll surely get today and tonight, we’ll miss out on all the chances for rain in the next week’s forecast. Our onions are ready to transplant and so is HoophouseFromSouththe first round of cabbage and broccoli. Plus, the longer we have to wait to get started on transplanting, the more of a scramble it will be when we can finally get to work, as more and more flats will be lined up in the ASAP queue.TomatoPepperBabies

On the bright side, the garlic all seems to have come up. I took the mulch off of it just to make sure it was up and wouldn’t have any trouble getting through the

GarlicRowsmulch. It’ll also give me a chance to lay driplines before putting the mulch back, since the garlic is on rather sandy soil this year and could need irrigating later in the summer, though it’s difficult to imagine at this point!


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