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A yellow swallowtail butterfly that was hanging out in the hoophouse one day. This is totally unrelated to the post!

As a CSA farmer, I really have no idea what my farm members do with the veggies they receive in their share boxes every week. Of course, I hope they enjoy every last morsel that they receive, but do they try the recipes I suggest in the newsletter? Find their own favorites? Throw in the towel and toss half of it in the compost because they can’t find a good way to prepare it? Your guess is as good as mine. So it’s been nice to hear from several shareholders this past week, who in response to a question I posed in the newsletter about how they liked the Napa cabbage I grew (and ate) for the first time this year, let me know just exactly what they did with said veggie. One farm member, Luke, sent a detailed accounting of several ways he and his family prepared the Napa, and another member, Rachel, was kind enough to write out a recipe for a dish she invented. Susan sent me a nice message sharing not just her thoughts on the Napa, but also how she prepared several veggies she’s received this spring (as far as I know, she’s retired and in no way affiliated with the Food Network or Olive Garden! just a fan):

I have had so much fun discovering new flavors and recipes using the ‘surprise’ ingredients. I often turn to the Food Network for inspiration.  We all loved the Napa Cabbage.   I used it in Shrimp and Egg Fried Rice with Napa Cabbage.  Yum!  And with Braised Napa Cabbage with Bacon, Red Wine Vinegar and Mint.

The Bok Choy was another favorite … Spicy Shrimp and Bok Choy Noodle Bowl.  Very good!

The kale found it’s way to a family favorite … Olive Garden Toscana Soup.

And I used the Collard Greens to make Old Fashioned Cabbage Rolls.  I cut off the stem and froze the leaves in a stack.   When thawed, they easily wrapped around the filling.   And when slowly baked in the tomato sauce, they were delicious.

It’s great to get this feedback and some recipe ideas. I think only one farm member was brave and told me she didn’t care for the Napa cabbage. I don’t mind hearing about what people don’t like — I don’t really care for lettuce myself, so I understand that you’re not going to love every veggie. I’d hate to overload our members with veggies that many of them don’t like, UNLESS there are a bunch of other people clamoring for that same veggie. So, keep the comments coming, please!

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