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In this interview published today in The Washington Post, Michelle Obama talks more about exercise than eating well, but the article does mention her garden — so cool. I hope there are plenty of kids eating Stone’s Throw Farm veggies this summer and visiting the farm, too! 

A couple other things popped into my head while reading the article.  Obama talks about the barriers to getting kids playing outside, such as unsafe neighborhoods. How about 40 below windchills and six months of winter? Around here, a lot of people seem to limit their outside time to dashes from cars to buildings. I once heard a Wintergreen employee say, “There’s no bad weather; only bad gear.” Their stuff is expensive (I’m sure it’s worth every penny), but … a cheap pair of good old-fashioned long underwear also can do wonders.

The other evocative part of the interview for me was Obama talking about exercise being family time with her dad. On my 10th birthday, my dad poured a concrete slab for my sister and me to use as a basketball court. It was just a little bigger than the free throw lane and key, and I spent a ton of time there. I know Dad loved seeing us out there while he went about his work, and he’d stop and play a game of horse sometimes or shoot a few with me on his way by. Unfortunately, the practice time didn’t seem to do too much for my shot, but at least it kept me moving.

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