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Earth and Snow

This morning we’ve been experiencing light snow in Wrenshall, and a visitor might find it hard to believe that Earth Day was a sunny 60 degrees here. The locals are not at all surprised, of course.

20170422_PlasticInProgressElden and I decided use this weekend to replace the plastic on our oldest hoophouse, which started out fine yesterday morning but became more challenging when the wind came up mid-morning. We managed to get two layers over the top and one layer on each end of the hoophouse, opting to save the second end layer for a calm day. It’s kind of ironic that we spent Earth Day introducing plastic into the waste stream, but of course I save and reuse as much of it as possible around the farm.20170422_NewPlastic

The past rainy week definitely resulted in more green in our landscape, and after our couple of nice days Friday and Saturday, we’re expecting more rain this week. I’m hoping things will clear up again by next weekend, but one never knows.


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Building SiteSince the beginning of Stone’s Throw Farm, Elden and I have been planning to build a house at the farm, “someday.” What was once a bare hay field is now home to hoophouses, a quonset-style garage/packing shed, a couple of small sheds, gardens, a deer-resistant fence, a bunch of antiquated farm machinery, and, coming soon, a house!

Slab-BackfilledSo far, we have an insulated slab. This is quite thrilling, trust me.

Elden sold our house in Duluth at the end of October and we’re house-sitting at my parents’ Wrenshall home for the winter (makes it sound like we’re doing them a favor, right?).

In reality, my parents not only help me at the farm all summer, they’re also helping us make the house at the farm a reality. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Although progress on this year’s main farm improvement project — a potting shed/seed-starting greenhouse — was slowed by the more pressing concerns of getting a construction loan, selling the old house, and moving all of our stuff, that’s coming along, too. Previously I started seeds in my parents’ basement and devoted a large amount of hoophouse space to pots and trays all spring, so this will be a very welcome change next season. Some of our farm members chipped in a bit to help with this improvement — thanks!

I’ll officially wrap up the season on Wednesday when I deliver the Thanksgiving shares. I’m always thankful to switch gears at the end of the season and come inside for the winter, though this fall has been so warm so far, it’s almost unreal. I’m not complaining!

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Elden and I put up a used hoophouse frame at Stone’s Throw Farm today. It’s smaller than our main hoophouse, and I’m thinking we’ll use this one mostly for starting plants (i.e., to house pots and trays). Because it’s smaller, it’ll be easier to heat at night, and without all the pots and trays cluttering up the big hoophouse, it’ll be much easier to get that house ready for the tomato plants we’ll plant inside. We did put the little hoophouse in the field in case we want to plant something in the ground in there after most of the veggie starts are transplanted.

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