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???????????????????????????????My dad called yesterday evening to tell me that there are six brand-new piglets in this world that will eventually find a home at Stone’s Throw Farm! It’s not as many as we’d hoped from this litter, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. They’re cute as can be, based on a couple photos my mom sent of the piglets napping under their heat lamp.

The piglets will have a good life — they’ll eat nutritious food (with no antibiotics added) and enjoy a low-stress environment outdoors with each other for company and plenty of shelter, fresh water to drink, and things to do (i.e., rooting in the soil, of course).

There’s no such thing as health insurance for pigs, but if there was, these pigs would surely get credit for their healthy lifestyle. You get credit for going to the gym, right? Now, you could also get credit for being a member of a CSA farm.

Stone’s Throw Farm has been approved for a new Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association program called the CSA Wellness Initiative, and HealthShare is the first company to participate in our area. It’s an exciting new development spearheaded by Jamie Harvey of ISF, and I hope you’ll check out HealthShare and/or encourage your own health insurance company to join in.

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