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vanpackedYou might be expecting a photo of our fabulous produce display from the Harvest Festival farmers market, but no. What I offer you is a view of our old van (it looks a little rough, but it runs okay) just prior to unloading it on Saturday morning, because I was really appreciating the best thing about a very full vehicle:  there’s no way for the contents to shift during transit. When I arrived at Bayfront Park, everything was exactly where it was when I left the farm. Nice.

Also nice was the weather (mostly); the steady crowd, including some of our CSA members — sweet; the other vendors & exhibitors; and the work of our volunteers and (of course) our Festival Director, Jean Sramek. Jean put it all together, Gina Temple-Rhodes signed our sponsors, Joel Rosen headed the committee and kept the farmers in line, Nels & Carol Hursh supported the food vendors, Jason Wussow brought in the musicians, and others helped plan the event and made it run smoothly — thanks!

Behind the scenes at Stone’s Throw Farm, my parents harvested potatoes and carrots; my mom bagged, bunched, and packaged; and Elden manned the wash & prep station.  My dad took care of the rest of the farm work (there’s work beyond picking?!?), and everyone helped at the Fest on Saturday. We are such a team.

If you missed the event but want to help support your local farmers and cultivate new ones, click here to donate to LS-SFA’s current campaign. Thank you in advance.

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See you at the 20th Annual Harvest Festival at Bayfront Festival Park, Saturday, 10-4.

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I’m headed to the farm to start harvesting for the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association’s Harvest Festival this Saturday, September 8, from 10-4 at Bayfront Park in Duluth. Admission is free, and you can enter a raffle for a chance to win a giant basket of goodies from the farmers market PLUS a $300 gift certificate to New Scenic Cafe.

The Harvest Fest will make this the second eventful weekend in a row for Stone’s Throw Farm. Last weekend, my sister, brother-in-law, and nephews visited Wrenshall. Franklin, 3 1/2, loves to “drive” trucks, and discovered an affinity for the wheel hoe. (I’m just hoping he likes hoeing this much when he’s old enough to actually do some damage with the thing.) Graham, 1, likes pushing things, and loves my parents’ dog. It’s enough to wear a person out.

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Stone’s Throw Farm’s Pick-Your-Own Day was this past Saturday and I enjoyed the company of a few dedicated farm members who picked their hearts out, helping me utilize the many green beans and cherry tomatoes ready at the moment. Unfortunately (typically!) I forgot my camera, so I wasn’t able to visually document all the fun you missed if you weren’t there. Trust me, though, there was a whole lot of pickin’ goin’ on.

I’m getting a little tired of my own company at the farm about now, so it was nice to have farm members around for that reason, too. My parents are on their way to Stone’s Throw Farm even as I type, so I’ll have no shortage of company this week, and the Harvest Festival is just around the corner; I’ll bring the farm to the people that day.

Even though a big farmers market can be a little too much company for this introvert, I’m kind of excited about this year’s Harvest Festival. It’s partly because I’ll now be a veteran at the Farmers Market and therefore a little more clued in about how things go there, and partly because the festival is free this year (I hope this means even more festival-goers) and it doesn’t start until 11 a.m.! This means we farmers won’t have to stay up so late the night before and get up so ridiculously early the day of in order to get everything harvested and to market. I think it’ll make for much bigger smiles behind the produce tables in the market.

If you can’t wait until Saturday, September 10, for a farmers market experience, check out UMD Market Day in the Plaza this Wednesday, particularly my friend Heather-Marie Bloom’s veggie, art, and jewelery table (Rising Phoenix Community Farm). A little bird told me Heather-Marie might be peddling her homemade chocolate beet cake this week as well — yum.

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