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Because I don’t have enough to do, I’m going to try growing a few more flowers this season for the benefit of the pollinators and the people. Here are photos of the ones I just ordered (seeds, that is). Apologies to the seed company that provided the photos, but flower names are not sufficient — we need visuals!
It’s one thing to order seeds for plants you’ve grown before, but there’s a special joy associated with ordering something new. Will it perform the way the seed company promises? Will it look just like it does in the catalog (no, 99% of the time)? Will it be better than the lettuce/pepper/squash/radish I grew last year? My mentors taught me to take a conservative approach with new varieties, but a few new things here and there, grown in addition to the proven performers if possible to decrease the risk, are a good way to keep things fresh and interesting and the best way to find out if a new variety is better than the old one. And there’s nothing quite like poring over seed catalogs for 3 days to get a farmer looking forward to the upcoming season. That doesn’t mean it’s not a relief when it’s finally done, though.

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