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There are still a handful of Stone’s Throw Farm Veggie CSA Shares available, and Flower Shares as well. Get them while it’s cold!

For your own health, or to show those you love how much you care, sign up today.

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I tried to get some “big picture” views of the fields for those of you who can’t visit the farm, and some photos of our flowers, which are peaking at the moment.

Speaking of fun, the pigs do enjoy their big pen — they really have room to bounce around if they feel like it, which they often do around 8 pm or so. This year’s pigs seem to prefer their oats to field peas, though my mom pointed out that since we’ve been giving them some snap pea vines with overly-mature peas on them, the field peas might simply pale in comparison. They’ve received a few worm-eaten tomatoes from the hoophouse and mouse-chewed cucumbers from the field, and they gave me the pig equivalent of a thumbs up on both of those treats, not surprisingly. They also really seemed to enjoy the bottom leaves from the rainbow chard plants.


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