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My parents, Craig & Jean, just got back from two weeks at their farm in Iowa. Needless to say, Dad immediately got a new shipment of supplies unloaded and hilled the potatoes. Mom helped with the weekly CSA harvest and tackled some persistent quackgrass (a redundancy, I know). It’s great to have them back. The veggies and pigs have been perking along in the last few weeks, and the winter squash is already twice as big as it was when I took these photos.

See Stone’s Throw Farm in person this weekend during the LS-SFA’s Festival of Farms event.

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Harvest Fest Week

I’m gearing up for the Sustainable Farming Association’s annual Harvest Festival. It’s this Saturday at Bayfront Park in Duluth from 8-4. I’m going to have a booth in the Farmer’s Market, which seemed like such a great idea when I signed up — support the SFA, name recognition for the farm, a little extra income — but now seems like … well, a lot of extra work.

Which veggies can I spare? Which veggies look good enough to sell? Which veggies do people actually want to buy? How much should I charge? How will I display them? What will I use to cover the table? What should I put in the revised farm brochure? These are some of the questions I have to answer, and fast. Of course, I’ve had since spring to figure out all this, but I waited until now. Of course.

So, if you’re in the area on Saturday, please stop by and rescue me from boredom as festival-goers bypass my puny display for the riches available at other tables. The farmer’s market is free from 8-10 am, and the festival entrance fee is just $4 after that. The Energy Fair is going on at the same place at the same time, and there’s a speaker and concert after the market closes. There’ll be yummy food for sale (think sweet corn and the Whole Foods Co-op, not hot dog on a stick) and other good stuff.

It’s all to support the SFA, so it’ll be worth the effort. I just needed a little pep-talk.

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