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Earth and Snow

This morning we’ve been experiencing light snow in Wrenshall, and a visitor might find it hard to believe that Earth Day was a sunny 60 degrees here. The locals are not at all surprised, of course.

20170422_PlasticInProgressElden and I decided use this weekend to replace the plastic on our oldest hoophouse, which started out fine yesterday morning but became more challenging when the wind came up mid-morning. We managed to get two layers over the top and one layer on each end of the hoophouse, opting to save the second end layer for a calm day. It’s kind of ironic that we spent Earth Day introducing plastic into the waste stream, but of course I save and reuse as much of it as possible around the farm.20170422_NewPlastic

The past rainy week definitely resulted in more green in our landscape, and after our couple of nice days Friday and Saturday, we’re expecting more rain this week. I’m hoping things will clear up again by next weekend, but one never knows.


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I’ll be celebrating Earth Day by potting the rest of the pepper seedlings, and I hope to make it to hear Will Allen speak about “Growing Power and Growing Food” at 7 pm at UMD.

The baby veggies are all out at the farm now, and they seem pretty happy. The Napa cabbage and first set of broccoli plants are ready to be transplanted to the field, but the field isn’t ready. It’s been too wet to work the ground so far. Hold on, babies!

The rye that I seeded in the hoophouse last fall took off this spring and is huge. I need to kill it this weekend so it can be incorporated into the soil and break down before it’s time to transplant the first set of tomatoes into the hoophouse ground. It’ll add a good dose of organic matter to the soil.

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