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I recently received an email from a former CSA member, who wanted to explain why she wasn’t renewing this year. Her message definitely did bring a little joy to my farmer heart! More important, if Kristin taught herself to eat more vegetables, so can you. Here’s how she explained her experiment:

Kristin gave our fresh basil a thumbs up.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of your CSA the last three years. I went into it because of two defects in my character: 1) I despised vegetables and 2) I’m pretty cheap. So, I figured that if I bought good, kind of expensive (because they are good) vegetables, maybe I’d force myself to figure out ways to make them that I could enjoy.  And — it worked. I’ve actually learned to appreciate good veggies in my diet. Last year I started a small garden, and it turns out I love veggie gardening. This year I’m going to expand my garden and try to grow more of our own food. I hope that brings a little joy to your veggie farmer heart — that you’ve sparked that in us.  And — thanks.  You’ve accomplished what my mother never thought possible!” -Kristin, former Stone’s Throw Farm CSA member

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