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Eat and be well this summer!

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I recently received an email from a former CSA member, who wanted to explain why she wasn’t renewing this year. Her message definitely did bring a little joy to my farmer heart! More important, if Kristin taught herself to eat more vegetables, so can you. Here’s how she explained her experiment:

Kristin gave our fresh basil a thumbs up.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of your CSA the last three years. I went into it because of two defects in my character: 1) I despised vegetables and 2) I’m pretty cheap. So, I figured that if I bought good, kind of expensive (because they are good) vegetables, maybe I’d force myself to figure out ways to make them that I could enjoy.  And — it worked. I’ve actually learned to appreciate good veggies in my diet. Last year I started a small garden, and it turns out I love veggie gardening. This year I’m going to expand my garden and try to grow more of our own food. I hope that brings a little joy to your veggie farmer heart — that you’ve sparked that in us.  And — thanks.  You’ve accomplished what my mother never thought possible!” -Kristin, former Stone’s Throw Farm CSA member

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As I’m starting to gear up for CSA renewals next month, I thought I’d remind myself how appreciative our Stone’s Throw Farm members can be and share a few super-sweet comments from our 2013 end-of-season survey with you:

I thought you all did a wonderful job–thank you. It was more exciting and wonderful than I imagined!”

We’re planning on [buying a CSA share again] next year. We tell all of our friends and it has changed the way we think about food.”

The [snap] peas were FANTASTIC. Each pod was absolutely perfect and incredibly delicious.”

I joined this year after being with a different CSA last year. I was really impressed by the variety and amount of produce . . . I especially love kale, and the variety of beans, and peppers. I was also so impressed by how clean things are. A very user-friendly experience all around.”

We will never tire of the spicy salad mix. It’s what I look forward to the most every season!”

The newsletter helps me keep a pulse on the natural ebb and flow of farming as it relates to weather, precipitation, insects, etc. I enjoy fresh produce for many reasons and being aware of how Mother Nature affects farming is important to me.”

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the spinach! I’ve always been a spinach fan but the quality of your farm fresh spinach is so superior to the store-bought stuff, that there’s hardly any comparison!”

We enjoyed the share this year, especially your newsletters each week. They were very informative and provided great information about the veggies. It helped us identify the veggies we have never seen or used before. We tried several new items this year, thanks to you, and we loved them.”

The pork was amazing. The pigs were very happy and friendly and my 2-year-old loved them.”

We have been thoroughly pleased with our share this summer! I bragged and talked about it through the whole season. It felt like Christmas every week. I’m already looking forward to next season!”

Me too, anonymous farm member–thanks to your enthusiasm.

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