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Last night I dreamed that it was June and I hadn’t seeded any peas yet. I think that means it’s time to do some serious planning for the 2011 season to make sure nothing like that happens!

I probably dreamed about Stone’s Throw Farm because Elden and I went out there yesterday to check on a few things. I’m happy to report that everything seemed fine. The hoophouse is shedding snow respectably well, the quonset shell (a.k.a. wind tunnel) had just a dusting of snow in the middle, and there’s even a little bit of rye growing in the hoophouse. I scratched in some rye seed in mid-to-late November and watered it a few times with a sprinkling can, but didn’t really expect it to grow. Apparently it’s been warm and moist enough in there for it to limp along.


The deer have messed up the west side of the deer fence a bit (as Elden said, it looks like 3 or 4 of them ran full speed ahead right through it), but that can be repaired in the spring. There’s enough icy snow cover now that I don’t think they’re bothering to paw the snow off the field to eat.

We snowshoed back to the cove to take a look and noticed that the two old shacks that were on our neighbor’s property just 10 feet from the property line have been torn down. Plenty of people considered them eyesores, but it’s strange to look west and not see them now. I suppose it’s nothing like the changes that have happened on our side of the property line in the past year and a half!

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