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Flying by

Time is flying, as usual during our short summer. Also flying the last few days were thousands of dragonflies. Elden (my resident expert on dragons) caught and released a few and identified them as Common Baskettails, which he said must be migrating (yup, dragonflies do that). Look up: dragonflies everywhere. Look down: dragonfly shadows everywhere. I rescued a few that flew into the hoophouse and couldn’t find their way out, also a giant bumblebee (I just rolled up the side of the greenhouse a bit so it could be on its way).

The veggies are growing and so are the chicks! They seem to be enjoying their movable outside pen (chicken tractor). I started them out on the grass between the greenhouse and house so I could keep an eye on them. Eventually I’ll probably get them into a vegetable field somewhere so they can fertilize for us.

The dandelions are about done blooming and other wildflowers just getting started, or about to start blooming. The first batch of tomatoes in the hoophouse are blooming and tomatoes starting to form here and there. Lots of promise!

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