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This stack of buckets sitting by our garage is a daily reminder of all the help I’ve received to get to this point. The three gentlemen involved in procuring and delivering this stash of multi-purpose, highly-essential carry-alls are exceptionally generous people. Then again, I seem to run into a lot of people like that around here — I guess Paul, Eric, and Dave aren’t that special after all. (Just kidding, guys — thank you! Stop by with donations any time!) 

The donated buckets also remind me of all the miscellaneous supplies needed on a farm that a person doesn’t necessarily think of when making “to-get” lists ….  I find myself quick to correct anyone who says that Elden and I “bought a farm” — we’re making it into a farm, yes, but we bought land. It’s not like my parents’ farm, which was (somewhat shabbily, upon purchase) equipped with a well, barns, sheds, and miscellaneous items that no one bothered to clean out of those sheds.

My parents understand. When my dad sent a truckload of machinery to me last fall, he also sent hitch pins, spare parts, a log chain … you name it, he sent it, even a pliers and crescent wrench in the tractor’s toolbox (I already had a pliers and wrench, but it was sweet and thoughtful nonetheless). I’m lucky to have so many people out there thinking about the buckets of buckets it takes to run a farm.

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