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"Order" by Emily Gray Koehler, www.studioegk.com

“Order” (c) Emily Gray Koehler, http://www.studioegk.com

“Too Little Too Late” (c) Emily Gray Koehler, http://www.studioegk.com

Elden is my favorite artist, but Emily Gray Koehler is my new 2nd favorite. I found her work at the Park Point Art Fair last weekend and wanted to take the whole booth home. I love both her subjects (mostly the natural world) and the media she uses (woodcuts and collagraphs). She states, “… I hope to convey not only my sense of our place in the environment but also a desire to understand and protect the natural world.” I believe she’s successful, and thought you might enjoy her work as well. Check out her portfolio and shop at www.studioegk.com.

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