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When we were trying to decide on a farm name last year, “Rusty Truck Farm” was the favorite for a while, in part because we had a particular rusty truck in mind as our mascot. Said truck arrived at Stone’s Throw Farm from Tuttle, North Dakota, on Sunday evening. I believe it is a 1939 model.

It was Elden’s great-uncle Dale’s truck, and Rodney and Kathy, who now own Dale’s farm, have been patiently waiting for Elden to pull it out of the shelter belt and relocate it for about 25 years. Elden used to play in the truck when he was a kid, and as a teen, he actually got the engine running at one point.

Because my tractor is currently out of commission, our friend and neighbor Rick Dalen helped us unload the truck from a rented trailer on Sunday. He lifted the back end of the truck with the tractor bucket and then pulled it backward off the trailer. Piece of cake, but it would have been a problem without Rick’s help — thanks!

Someday, Elden might bring the truck back to life, but for now, it’s resting comfortably in the hayfield near our driveway. It will bring smiles to our faces for a long time and provide a conversation piece for our neighbors along County 102 for at least a few days.

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