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In 2007, I took an apprenticeship at Caretaker Farm in beautiful western Massachusetts, and the rest is history (i.e., I became a vegetable farmer). While I was in Williamstown, my parents came out to visit me and we took a short trip to Craryville, New York, to see my uncle Bruce and cousin Justin. Their focus is on meat animals (Angus cattle and Berkshire hogs), but they also grow some veggies and flowers and bring in other locally-made goodies for their (professional and charming, I thought) farm stand. Bruce recently sent us a nice article about their business, Sir William Farm, that ran in a local paper, and after reading it I feel I have even more in common with my uncle than I realized — besides the farming and the hip issues, it seems we must have a similar aversion to chit-chat and a slow-to-get-to-know-you personality. Meet your farmer, indeed — just don’t be surprised if he or she would rather be in the field!

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