Some Summer

Today is the day fresh Stone’s Throw Farm veggies start appearing on porches around Duluth! Here’s Britt pulling radishes out of the cooling tank yesterday. Most of our produce is harvested the day before delivery and kept in our walk-in cooler overnight to lock in that freshness.

The first few boxes are light and contain mostly salad ingredients, but soon the variety and quantity will expand until our farm members report that their fridges and bellies are quite full, indeed.

Here at Stone’s Throw Farm, plants are moving into the ground in hoophouses and fields (with human assistance, I should note), trees have finally leafed out, pepper pots are taking over the main greenhouse, and flower plants are showing some colors even in their pre-bloom, potted stages.

May Days

Spring chickens

This past Saturday, Elden helped me move the chickens out of one of the hoophouses where they had been wintering. As usual, they seemed pretty happy with their new space, although two of the Black Australorps did try to go back “home” to the hoophouse. Funny how they have no problem jumping over the fence on their way out, but can’t manage to get back in on their own, even for food.

Here is the newest member of our flock of semi-retired hens, “White Tail,” the little red hen, making it difficult to film her as she follows right along behind me. White Tail was donated by a couple of CSA members who thought she needed some company in her retirement years, as she was the last remaining member of their little backyard flock. Mary and John will start over with a new flock some day; meanwhile, I hope White Tail will be happy here with us.

Our veggie CSA shares are sold out for 2021, but we still have flower shares available.

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A lot of snow melted at the farm in the last few warm days; we’re expecting more tonight, but it looks like it’ll warm up again by the weekend.

I’ll post an update when our shares are sold out.

I recently received an email from a former CSA member, who wanted to explain why she wasn’t renewing this year. Her message definitely did bring a little joy to my farmer heart! More important, if Kristin taught herself to eat more vegetables, so can you. Here’s how she explained her experiment:

Kristin gave our fresh basil a thumbs up.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of your CSA the last three years. I went into it because of two defects in my character: 1) I despised vegetables and 2) I’m pretty cheap. So, I figured that if I bought good, kind of expensive (because they are good) vegetables, maybe I’d force myself to figure out ways to make them that I could enjoy.  And — it worked. I’ve actually learned to appreciate good veggies in my diet. Last year I started a small garden, and it turns out I love veggie gardening. This year I’m going to expand my garden and try to grow more of our own food. I hope that brings a little joy to your veggie farmer heart — that you’ve sparked that in us.  And — thanks.  You’ve accomplished what my mother never thought possible!” -Kristin, former Stone’s Throw Farm CSA member

A Share of the Love

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