I recently received an email from a former CSA member, who wanted to explain why she wasn’t renewing this year. Her message definitely did bring a little joy to my farmer heart! More important, if Kristin taught herself to eat more vegetables, so can you. Here’s how she explained her experiment:

Kristin gave our fresh basil a thumbs up.

I’ve really enjoyed being part of your CSA the last three years. I went into it because of two defects in my character: 1) I despised vegetables and 2) I’m pretty cheap. So, I figured that if I bought good, kind of expensive (because they are good) vegetables, maybe I’d force myself to figure out ways to make them that I could enjoy.  And — it worked. I’ve actually learned to appreciate good veggies in my diet. Last year I started a small garden, and it turns out I love veggie gardening. This year I’m going to expand my garden and try to grow more of our own food. I hope that brings a little joy to your veggie farmer heart — that you’ve sparked that in us.  And — thanks.  You’ve accomplished what my mother never thought possible!” -Kristin, former Stone’s Throw Farm CSA member

A Share of the Love

There are still a handful of Stone’s Throw Farm Veggie CSA Shares available, and Flower Shares as well. Get them while it’s cold!

For your own health, or to show those you love how much you care, sign up today.

Sign up for a 2021 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Share today, and eat well this summer!

Stone’s Throw Farm Vegetable and Flower Shares are available now; sign up online or use our print and mail form.

Our Early Bird Discount gives you $15 off a Veggie CSA Share when you pay in full by March 15, 2021. Or, make an initial payment now and pay the remainder by June 1, 2021.

Our Stone’s Throw Farm 2021 CSA Shares will be available for purchase by the end of the month. Please check back soon or follow us here or on Facebook. Thanks!


Sunrise, Sunset

We’ve had some really beautiful ones lately.

Feeling ambitious?

“A tomato may be a fruit, but it is a singular fruit. A savory fruit. A fruit that has ambitions far beyond the ambitions of other fruits.” ~ E. Lockhart

We have canning tomatoes! Red and gold Roma-type; low moisture varieties perfect for cooking down into sauce, dehydrating, or making salsa.

On sale for $30 per half bushel (about 20 pounds) or $55 for a full bushel, if picked up at the farm. Please contact me to order or get more information.

8C611C73-Stone’s Throw Farm Flower Shares have started, and Paula has been turning the flowers I’ve grown into beautiful bouquets each week. This week’s bouquet was packed with blooms!

We’re picking so many flowers right now, that we can easily accommodate several more Flower Shares, if anyone is interested. Flower Shares can be picked up at the farm or at any of our veggie CSA pick-up sites on Wednesdays.

Folks can either enjoy each week’s bouquet as is, rearrange it, or turn it into multiple smaller bouquets, as Paula demonstrated below.


I’m also able to provide bulk flowers; please contact me for more information.



A Little Sip

We finally got a quarter inch of rain here at Stone’s Throw Farm; not much considering how dry it is, but we’ll definitely take it. The vegetable rows have been looking more and more like little green oases against a background of yellow and brown.

Stone’s Throw Farm members can pick up their first Veggie CSA box of the season this coming Wednesday, June 17. Everything’s been growing fast thanks to mostly sunny weather and regular irrigation. We finished transplanting the “hot crops” into the field last week, and many of the early veggies are looking good enough to eat; can’t wait to share some with you.